Go big or go home!

Oslo · 8 feb 2016

Go big or go home!


How would you re-think Shell gas station concept to make it different from the existing one, Shell St1 asked the students from BI Norwegian business school on Friday. 


Jonas Bæk on Shell St1

After working on the task at Shell Norways headquaters the students prepared a pitch and handed in a written description of the idea. - Actually being at Shell and listening to real employees was very positive, says one student. 

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2016-02-05 09.28.52

2016-02-05 09.26.42


 The students delivered interesting and innovative solutions. The best pitch was given by Angus, Martine, Marte and Alejandro in team 1. They convinced the jury by tailoring the stations to their location and reducinng the service with vending machines in urban ereas to cut costs. Good work.

The most innovative and value creating idea belonged to the team "Shell environment". They wanted to create "a place where people want to stop insted of havig to stop" using vintage foodtrucks in urban ereas and cosy Scandinavinan stations in other ereas. Congratulations to team Aleksander, Jade, Fransje and Alnau. Well done.




Pitching  - selling their ideas

The Innovation Camp was a a collaboration between BI, JA Oslo and Shell St1. A huge thank you to ShellSt1, especially Jonas Bæk, for hosting the event and to Antonella La Rocca for the organization. 

Thanks to this eminent jury: 
- Marius Davidsen, Shell St1 (Sales Manager RBA)
- Anita Sørlundsengen, Shell St1 (Retail Director)
- Erlend Nybakk, Kristiania University College (Associate Professor)



From the evaluation: "The entire event was positive. It was very hands on and stimulating".

Best of luck to a great bunch of students at BI Norwegian Business school taking Antonella La Roccas class this semester.