International students pitched for Shell Smart Fuel

Oslo · 7 sep 2015

International students pitched for Shell Smart Fuel

Playful start of the day

Antonella La Roccas class on Friday 4th was a bit different. In cooperation with Shell Smart Fuel and JA Oslo the students were given a practical approach to innovation: An Innovation Camp. 

In groups of 3 the students proposed new ideas to Shell Smart Fuels question: "Find a solution that will make customers visit us more frequently and/or enter the store more often." 

A lot of good ideas were presented to the jury. 

jury BI IC

From left: jurors Tonje Hungnes (BI), Anita Sørlundsengen (Shell), Jonas Bæk (Shell) and Anthony Giannoumis (HIOA)

The diploma for best innovation was group "Shell family +" and their playcentre and relaxing lounge.  


Congratulations to Giada, Lina and Julie here accompanied by Antonella.

The diploma for best pitch was group "Shell 4-seasons", a solution that plays on all senses.

beste pitch

 Well done Julien, Andreas and Christine (not in the picture). 

The diploma for best value creators "SHELLAND", they want to bring the shop to the costumers. 

best value creators

Well done Matteo, Zöe and Michele, here accompanied by jurors Anthony and Tonje.

Thanks to all the students and volonteers. A spesial thank you to Shell Smart Fuel for their time, knowledge and inspiration!